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Feasibility and Advice

Any large scale investment requires a clear and detailed approach to enable decisions to be made. AP&M is able to partner with your team of developers and provide the Marine environment solutions which can form part of the scope and feasibility documents.

AP&M has worked with a variety of engineers, planners and committees and is skilled at providing expert advice critical to formulation of these documents.

AP&M will provide first class independent advice to add to your team of people.

Planning processes

Once you have decided on cost and confirmed the overall design, the next stage is to obtain all the necessary approvals from councils, local waterway authorities, state governments and the like. This process can get very difficult if shortcuts or lack of pre works is completed.

Large scale projects require significant amount of communication with key planning bodies to step them through the process. Early and concise discussion with these authorities can provide them with an early reliability in the development being within the guidelines as well as providing them an opportunity to request changes while in the planning phase.

Tender formation, review & Selection

AP&M are skilled in development of tender formation, scope and selection.

A clear and concise Tender document will ensure that any complying tenders received are easily able to be compared against each other

Once received, AP&M can provide an independent collection and review process ensuring that all tenders received comply with all requirements of time, inclusion and design requirements

Expert review of Tenders, comparison reports and clear understanding of the design can provide you with a clear picture to base your final decision or allow for probing questions of the Tender.

Project Management Services

AP&M can provide you with an expert team to ensure that your project is delivered as per contract.

A clear and concise Tender document will ensure that any complying tenders received are easily able to be compared against each other

AP&M have Superintendent and Project Managers skilled in marine structure and engineering able to provide a eye on construction ensuring what you have paid for your actually get delivered.

AP&M has its own Project Management templates covering all aspects of procurement, installation, Quality assurance and review procedures providing you with reports at key steps in the project delivery

Operations Support

AP&M can provide you with all you need to operate your marina to gold level industry standards.

AP&M have a team of qualified industry professional available long or short term to assist, train or develop your team. Covering all aspects of Marina operations including, maintenance, customer service, systems integration, accounting and staff training / development.

Long Term, Short Term contract or procurement of a team to run your marina, AP&M has the expertise and knowledge to make your marina deliver on the promise of customer service and income.

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