Our Government and Regulatory Authorities Services

Planning Guidelines

Clear planning approval guidelines that are inline with Federal government LEP's are essential to ensuring any development being conducted is within these parameters. AP&M have assisted many government regulatory bodies to ensure that the guidelines supplied meet these criteria.

AP&M can ensure that the information supplied to residents and developers in clear and inline with higher level planning documents

Planning Approvals

Once you have decided on cost and confirmed the overall design, the next stage is to obtain all the necessary approvals from councils, local waterway authorities, state governments and the like. This process can get very difficult if shortcuts or lack of pre works is completed.

AP&M can provide regulatory bodies with an independent expert review of any submitted developments plans to avoid unnecessary challenges to a decision. Clear independent advice from an industry expert can provide valuable information for decision makers to base their rationale of the decision made.

Independent Review

AP&M can step in to review any decision made on marine structure to provide a level of review prior to any Land Environment Court or legal challenges.

AP&M has worked with both developers and regulatory bodies at all levels in construction projects and can provide valuable insights into both side of a discussion to assist in getting through and potential issues with a minimal of fuss.

Public Infrastructure Condition Assessments and Construction

AP&M can provide expert review of your public infrastructure and provide a range of options for repair / modify. We can then assist you in all aspects of the repair / modification up to final Occupational certification

AP&M has worked with many councils and regulatory authorities in providing solutions to their infrastructure whether is a a repair / modification or new structure, AP&M can provide this for you.

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