Our Residential Project Services


A new pontoon , jetty or marine structure is an asset to any property located on the waterfront. A clear feasibility proposal will advise you on the all the processes and costs involved in making this happen, avoiding costly delays and project overruns

A new Pontoon to berth your vessel, jetties and even a boathouse are common projects undertaken on properties, however to make this dream a reality, careful planning is the key

AP&M can save you time and money advising on the most suitable solution to fit your budget, design and regulatory requirements.

Planning Approvals

Once you have decided on cost and confirmed the overall design, the next stage is to obtain all the necessary approvals from councils, local waterway authorities, state governments and the like. This process can get very difficult if shortcuts or lack of pre works is completed.

AP&M will guide you through this process ensuring that all relevant regulatory bodies rules are followed or possibly challenged if deemed inappropriate.

Structural Design & Tender Review / Contractor selection

AP&M is able to provide a detailed structural design of your facility to ensure that the best possible design is applied to your site.

AP&M will ensure that all Building codes are compliant with the nominated design and that the structure will withstand the environmental conditions.

AP&M will be able to assist in the tender review and selection of the most suitable contractor to build the specified design. We are able to expertly review all contractor structures and ensure the suitability to your project

Project Management

The final exciting stage of Construction is the moment your dream becomes a physical reality

AP&M will have you enjoying your new facility without any hassles of managing outside contractors

AP&M have experienced professional Project Managers on staff to ensure that your Project is delivered as per contract in the timeframe required

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